Family Law in the Pacific Northwest

Hatch Law has been serving the Spokane community since 1991. Hatch Law Office assists clients with mediation, arbitration, select criminal law cases and family law services in all practice areas

At Hatch Law we understand the importance of having a knowledgeable attorney help navigate clients through the complicated divorce process. Hatch Law has a strong focus on alternative dispute resolution through mediation and arbitration, but also directly represents clients in litigation.

Selecting a skillful divorce attorney is essential and can have a tremendous effect on the outcome of your case. Even though most divorce cases settle within a year, the impact of the final orders can affect an entire lifetime. At Hatch Law we understand the lasting impact a divorce can have. We are dedicated to helping clients achieve the correct resolution.

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Family Law Practice Areas

At Hatch Law we handle all family law matters, either through direct representation of clients through litigation or as neutral third parties engaging in the alternative dispute resolution methods described above.

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The mediators at Hatch law are highly knowledgeable regarding the nuances and complexities of family law, and help parties come to a joint resolution. Our skilled, compassionate, and highly trained divorce mediators are impartial facilitators.

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Select Criminal Law Practice Areas

We are adept at handling cooccurring criminal and family matters such as disputes with CPS, domestic violence, sexual assault, and alcohol related offenses.

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An arbitration is unlike a trial in that, in arbitration, parties do not go to court but engage in this process in an attorney’s office. The rules of evidence can be more relaxed, and the process is not as formal.

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Meet Our Attorneys

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Jim Hatch

Jim’s experience has provided him with a thorough understanding of the stresses and pressures of divorce and litigation, which in turn, has allowed him to help thousands of clients resolve their disputes.

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Jenna Hatch

Attorney Jenna Hatch’s practice encompasses selective criminal law cases and all areas of family law with a focus on mediation.

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Hannah Daniels

Hannah Daniels is an associate attorney with Hatch Law Office. She specializes in family law matters of all kinds and has particular experience working in the field of domestic violence.

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